Book Review: Code by Carolyn McCray (Book three of the Robin Hood Hacker series)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Genre: Thriller

Age Recommended: 14 and up

As I’ve mentioned briefly in the reviews for the first and second books of these series, each book has its own mini prequel where they introduce the scenario. Zeroes is the one for this book.

Code was a great finale to this story but it still had the same general theme as the other books. I wish the author had done something different, because the only distinction I saw in the third book was the technology being used.



Ronnie has been sentenced to life in prison. She’s been in there for only a few months, but it already feels like it’s been too long. Zach and Quirk are on their way to help her escape, and when they do, she is briefed about the current crisis.

Remaining members of the Hidden Hand that have not yet been eradicated have now released a virus similar to small-pox all over the world. Except it’s much more lethal. Black-pox shouldn’t be that hard to cure because its genetic makeup is similar to that of small-pox and vaccination companies already have ways to vaccinate against small-pox.

However, when the Hidden Hand destroys all locations that carry information regarding the small-pox vaccine, and the vaccine itself, Ronnie and the others must find a way to recreate the vaccine and stop the Hidden Hand before it’s too late.

Will they be able to do it?

if you would like to read this book, you can purchase the trilogy here: Robin Hood Hacker Collection – The #1 Techno-Thriller Series (Robin Hood Hacker Techno-Thriller Series)


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