Book Review: Genius- The Game by Leopoldo Gout (Book one)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Genre: Fiction

Age Recommended: 13 and up

I liked this book because it was different from everything I had been reading for a while and the characters were really interesting. I received an advance copy of this book thanks to NetGalley – it is now available on Amazon (Genius: The Game)

genius the game


Rex is a coder. He loves writing code to hack into programs that are part of large corporations. However, he hasn’t had peace of mind ever since his brother left him and his family for an organization that would “change the world.” Rex hasn’t stopped looking for his brother, but he just might have created the code to find him.

Painted Wolf is a revolutionary. She doesn’t reveal her true identity to people, because the government is sure to come arrest her. Painted Wolf is a young girl who goes to major corporations to try and expose corruption. However, when a person who runs one of the biggest tech companies visits her house, she knows that something is up.

Tunde is a brilliant engineer. He has built a solar panel to provide electricity for his village. However, the solar panel has attracted the attention of a famous General who plans to exploit Tunde’s abilities to build a military-grade weapon.

These three people are connected by the internet, and by the Lodge, a blog where each of them share advice and post about current events. When an invitation for The Game, one of the most prestigious events for young geniuses, is sent to each of them, they make the choice to go because it may be the only way to discover the truth behind their respective situations.

But what happens when they uncover a lie bigger than any of them?

This book was just published on May 3rd, 2016! If you would like to read this book, you can purchase it here: Genius: The Game


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