Hi, I am Priyanka. I started this blog almost 5 years ago as a 7th grader. I am now a 12th grader and I still have an insatiable appetite for reading. I read an average of 1-2 books a day and could read a whole lot more if I could find time for it! School homework and other activities tend to get in the way, but I find myself reading all the time. I read in the school bus, at the breakfast table, at friends’ houses, at parties, at school, and on and on. I started this blog so that I could share my passion for reading with others.

If you have read any books recently that you don’t see on my list of reviewed books (now 250+ and growing), please send me a comment and I’ll tell you if I have read the book as well as my opinion of the book. If I haven’t read the book, I’ll add it to my list. Thank you for visiting my blog – I hope you will stay a while and check out a few of my reviews!

P.S.: Many thanks to the various authors that have been reaching out and offering me their advance copies to read and review. I really enjoy reading your ARCs!

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  1. Good Morning,
    My name is Neelima. I recently published my first book on amazon kindle. I am looking for reviews to boost my confidence and at the same time honest feedback that will help me improve as a writer. I found your contact online and approaching you to check if could review my book. Below are my book details.

    Title of Publication: Magical Planets – The Adventure Begins
    Date of Publication: 04/21/2021
    Novel Summary/Blurb: A 12-year old’s innocent wish takes her to magical worlds that she never dreamt existed. Her arrival brought fear for few, hope and courage for few, and downfall for few. Will she ever know the reason for it. As more and more dangers await her, she unknowingly becomes part of a bigger cosmic plan.
    Format of the Title Submitted (Print or Electronic): Electronic on Amazon Kindle.
    Author Biography: An amateur writer with no English literature background, but passionate to tell stories to kids that will have a long-lasting positive impact on them.
    Contact Information: nagotu.neelima@gmail.com / 8790704747

    my LinkedIn profile is


    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

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