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Hi, I am Priyanka, a 10th grader who has an insatiable appetite for reading. I read an average of 1-2 books a day and could read a whole lot more if my parents would let me! School homework and other activities tend to get in the way, but I find myself reading all the time. I read in the car, at the breakfast table, at friends’ houses, at parties, at school, and on and on. I started this blog three years ago so that I could share my passion for reading with others.

If you have read any books recently that you don’t see on my list, please send me a comment and I’ll tell you if I have read the book as well as my opinion of the book. If I haven’t read the book, I’ll add it to my list. Thank you for visiting my blog!


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  1. child prodigy!!! Nice blog and very interesting to read all the review… Keep up the good work….ALL d best!!!

  2. You are doing a great job! Keep it up! Here’s my free advice related to your blog! The space you’ve alloted for your articles is narrower. The remaining aspects of your blog like, your blog title and the traditional WordPress’ Plugins and Menus occupy a good space. Try to increase the space for the articles. It makes your readers to read with an ease!

    1. I tend to read books a few times in general because I tend to learn more about the characters and analyze the book each time I read it. My favorite book is definitely the Ascendant. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!

  3. Dear Are you belong this planet?
    So much into reading, 2-3 books a day and can do much more without effort, at this little age.
    Remind me of swami vivekanand story..!!!!

    Seriously that is indeed incredible..,

  4. Hello Priyanka. Great and Inspiring job. Keep going. Achieve a lot. It would be great if you could suggest me a few books to read for inspiration, motivation or in fiction or psychology or anything. It would be great if you could help.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog! For inspirational books, I would definitely recommend I Am Malala if you haven’t read that one already. I read quite a few thrillers and would definitely recommend the Every Breath series by Ellie Marney along with the Dead Dreams series by Emma Right. Hope this helped!!

  5. I came to your blog from your dad’s answer on Quora and I am in awe! You sound way too mature for your age when you reply to the readers of your blog! And I am really happy to see that people do not mind at all taking suggestions for good books from a 13 years old! Times are changing, for sure! 🙂 I used to read 2-3 books a day when I was of your age just to spite my brother who would not let me touch his books. I used to read them while he was away and even I developed fast reading skills, back then. Sadly, age took over, priorities changed and I stopped reading as much. I am just trying to get back to reading one book every two days and have challenged myself to do it. You can find the challenge here –

    I apologize if you feel that I am spamming your blog. Please feel free to remove the link, if you please! 🙂 I’ll frequent here often to get a list of books that I can read. 😀

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by!! It’s really fun to hear from other book lovers and your challenge sounds like a lot of fun!! Thank you again for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog!

    1. Usually, my dad buys books from Amazon for me, but occasionally I’ll hear about popular series and check them out online from my public library. It’s all really about what you’re interested in. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!!

  6. Hi
    I am really interested in reading but its really difficult to find good books. I am a 9th grader and I really love books like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson etc. I also like some books written by Jeffrey Archer. It would be great if you could recommend me some good books to read in my summer vacations.
    I was really inspired by your blog. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! First off, I’d definitely recommend reading all of Rick Riordan’s books if you haven’t already. His new series is a huge hit already I believe. If you’ve read those, I highly suggest reading Great Illustrated Classics- there are a lot of those. Also, the Sweep series is pretty long and kept me busy for a while. Hope that helped!!

    2. Hi!! There are so many books out there, but if you want particular series, then I would recommend Heroes of Olympus, if you haven’t read that already. Also, the Sweep series was pretty good- you can find the reviews on my blog if you use the search tab!! Thanks for visiting!!

    1. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! As for those tips, the only real tip I have is to read books that you enjoy. Find a genre or series that interests you and focus on that. If you enjoy something, you are much more likely to read it faster and more efficiently. Hope that helped!

  7. Respected Ma’am,

    I was privileged to read your blog and I would like to share with you that I am a self published author and my first eBook has been published on Amazon.

    Title: The Revelation
    Author: Anil John
    The Revelation is a fast paced fiction thriller, with elements of humor, adventure, fantasy and mystery.
    This is a story of a boy who is fascinated to the mysteries of extra-terrestrial existence after watching an American epic science fiction family film and the curious boy persuades his father on a journey to discover and explore the possibilities of extra-terrestrial existence. The doting father embarks on a journey less traveled and his journey to the unknown, reveals the hidden answers to the most debated and controversial mystery in the history of mankind.
    The book decodes the mysteries of the extra-terrestrials, their presence and their purposes of visits to Earth and also discusses the next phase of human evolution.
    An entertaining and intriguing story of a father and a son, whose friendship and understanding is innocent and yet so powerful.

    Formats Available: Mobi, ePub, PDF.
    If my eBook interests you, kindly do revert so that I can send it in your preferable file format to you for your enjoyable read and kind reviews.
    Your kind support and interest will help me grow in my passion for writing.
    God bless you and your family abundantly always. Amen.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Anil John, India

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read my blog! I would definitely like to review your book and will email you regarding the details soon! The book sounds great and thank you again for reaching out to me!

  8. Please share your comments about Mitch Albom’s book, “The Magical strings of Frankie Presto”. Would like to know the perception of an avid reader.

  9. Hello Priyanka,

    Hope you are doing awesome!
    I currently stay in Bangalore and work with Flipkart.

    4 years back I had started writing a story. I realized that writing, as people say, is therapeutic and I couldn’t stop after that. What started as a story ended up being a novell! The novel has finally launched a week back and the initial response is very encouraging.

    It is basically my dedication to the times when time was the least of our worries. The times when friendship was our religion and filial obligations were a myth, when the only form of love we knew was platonic and when greeting cards & love letters meant more than degrees and dollars. When the only class we didn’t bunk was that of the most beautiful teacher and when everyday was not a test – tests happened thrice a year. When blank-calls hinted more than what hours of conversation on mobiles could and when silent smiles said more than a thousand words did. When we made up for the lack in confidence with the overflowing innocence, when selfless camaraderie really existed and being happy for somebody else’s happiness came naturally to us.

    This novel is called Teenage diaries – The days that were

    Your blog clearly singles you out as a voracious reader, whose genuine and unbiased reviews help the readers decide their purchase.

    It would be so amazing to have your honest review on my book! It is supposed to be a hilarious yet emotional joyride and I hope it makes you laugh a lot and cry a little 🙂

    I would love to send you the cover, jacket blurb and a sample chapter so that you can see if the writing style and the plot resonates with you. If it does, I’d be honored to send a paperback to your postal address.


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