Book Review: Eye Spy by Tessa Buckley

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Age Recommended: 12 and up

A funny book about twins who open a detective agency to earn money.

This book was an ARC, courtesy of NetGalley.

Eye Spy


Donna and Alex are twins. They live with their father and their grandmother, Nan. Their father is an inventor but he has never sold any of his work products. The family is quite poor because of this.

When Donna and Alex get into trouble for playing cards during their break time at school, their pocket money is taken away. To earn some money for the family, the twins open a detective agency called Eye Spy Investigations.
They  get their first case when the lapdog of a wealthy woman goes missing. The lady has offered a 100 euro award to whoever can find her dog. The twins ask her some general questions, then set out to find some clues and uncover the mystery.

While they are looking for clues, Donna and Alex hear a lot of people say that they wish the twins were more like their mother. The twins’ mother had died giving birth to them and the twins didn’t know a thing about her. They decide to find out what she was like, but while they are searching, they stumble on something bigger that will change their lives forever…

If you would like to buy this book, you can purchase it here:  Eye Spy

Book Review: Disaster Strikes Book Two- Tornado Alley by Marlene Kennedy

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Genre: Fiction

Age Recommended: 8 and up

A good sequel to Earthquake Shock. I can’t wait to read and review the next two books: Volcano Blast and Blizzard Night!

The book is about a boy who appreciates his family more after he is separated from them.

This book is an ARC, courtesy of NetGalley.

Did you know: Tornado Alley is the name given to a strip of land that runs from Texas to North Dakota. This is where the most tornadoes occur in the U.S.



Wyatt’s cousin, Alison, has come to live with him and he is already fed up. She is perfect in every regard. She is a prissy who loves pink.

Wyatt’s friends come to visit him and the four of them get stuck in a tornado. They get to a tornado shelter but Alison runs out to save their dog, and ends up almost running into the tornado.

Wyatt runs after her, endangering himself in the process. When the two of them are reunited with their other friends, another tornado appears.

The four of them get on four-wheelers and try to out-drive the tornado but as it gets closer, all hope seems lost.

Will they survive?

If you would like to read this book, you can buy it here: Disaster Strikes #2: Tornado Alley

Book review: Disaster strikes series Book One- Earthquake Shock by Marlane Kennedy

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Genre: Fiction

Age recommended: 8 and up

This is a story about the fortitude a 10 year old boy shows in the face of adversity and how he comes to appreciate his family and friends more through it all. It should be a quick and exciting read for younger kids.

This book was an Advanced Reading Copy, courtesy of NetGalley. I just got approved for an ARC of the next book (Tornado Alley) in this series also and can’t wait to read and review it!



Joey, Fiona, and Kevin are good friends. Joey and Fiona love to skateboard while Kevin loves to make mini movies showcasing their tricks. Kevin wants to be a movie producer when he grows up.

One day, Joey and Fiona are at the skate rink when Joey’s mom says something that embarrasses him in front of other kids. She wants him to come home immediately because she has run out of diapers for his little sister. Dylan, a kid who lives next to Joey and teases him all the time, tells Joey’s mother that he’ll walk Joey home in a short while.

Joey knows that something is up but he’s just happy that he gets to skate a while longer. The four of them head home a short while later and are up to their usual antics. They are performing and recording skateboarding tricks under an overpass, when a massive earthquake hits. Roads collapse, the overpass crumbles, cars are a jumbled mess and people start panicking.

Joey and Fiona escape from underneath the overpass but they cant find Kevin and Dylan. They look everywhere but then realize that the Kevin and Dylan could be under the rubble.

Will Joey and Fiona be able to find their friends? Will their families be okay? What if there are aftershocks?

If you would like to read this book, you can buy it here: Disaster Strikes #1: Earthquake Shock

Book Review: Gabriel Finley and The Raven’s Riddle by George Hagen; Illustrated by Scott Bakal

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Fiction

Age Recommended: 12 and up

This book is well-written and has an amazing concept with raven and human body-switching.

This book is an ARC, courtesy of NetGalley. It will be published on October 28, 2014.

Gabriel Finley and The Raven's Riddle


Gabriel Finley lives with his aunt.   His mother died and his father disappeared a while ago. Gabriel finds out that long ago, people and ravens were best friends. They could talk to each other, and when they found the raven or the human who had the closest connection to themselves, they could switch bodies.

Gabriel Finley found out that his uncle, Corax, was a half raven, half  human mutation and that he was a ruthless demon who spared nobody. You see, long ago, one day someone offered a raven eternal life. The raven asked what he had to do, and the person just said to eat the flesh of your elder.

A raven did that and he became a Valraven – an invincible demon. Valravens were always hunting down ravens to kill them. The only way to tell a valraven from a raven was by asking them a riddle. If one answered a riddle correctly, the ravens would burst out in laughter but valravens would just find it stupid. For this reason, whenever ravens are confronted by another raven, they ask them a riddle.

There was also the powerful Torc. The Torc was a necklace of great power that would grant any wish. The ravens were in possession of it but the valravens wanted it for their master Corax. It brought immense power and malevolence to those who unworthily wielded it.

Gabriel now finds out that he is the type of person who has the power to join a raven’s body. He finds his raven partner with whom he can do that. Gabriel also finds out that his father is being held captive by Corax and that the only way to free his father is by finding the Torc.

Gabriel sets out on a mission with some of his friends to stop the evil.

Will Gabriel find the Torc? Will he save his dad? Will he be able to stop Corax?

If you would like to read this book, you can pre-order it here: Gabriel Finley and the Raven’s Riddle

Book Review: The Hypnotists Book Two: Memory Maze by Gordon Korman

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Genre: Fiction

Age Recommended: 10 and up

A fascinating book about hypnosis and the challenges related to it.

This book is an ARC, courtesy of NetGalley, and will be published on July 29th, 2014.



Jax has the power of hypnosis.

His mentor is training him on how to use it but Jax still doesn’t have full control of his powers. Jax and his family are hiding from one of the worlds most powerful hypnotists- Dr. Mako

Dr. Mako had previously succeeded in persuading Jax to join a special school for people with hypnotic powers but when Jax found out about the evil plans of Dr. Mako, he escaped. Jax and his family now have to constantly move from place to place to avoid being caught.

When a multi millionaire finds out about Jax’s abilities, he recruits Jax to try to use hypnosis to live longer. Jax isn’t sure about this but he says yes and the hypnosis sessions begin.

Jax goes deeper and deeper into the millionaires thoughts. The hypnosis shows him many of the millionaires memories. The connection between Jax and the millionaire gets deeper and Jax finds himself being hypnotized to think he has a brother, just like the millionaire.

Jax sets out to find his supposed brother but his mentor discovers that it is actually a trap set by Dr. Mako.

Will Jax survive?

If you would like to read this book, you can pre-order it here: The Hypnotists Book 2: Memory Maze

Book Review: Everyday Angels Book One- New Beginnings by Victoria Schwab

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Fiction

Age Recommended: 12 and up

A book about a guardian angel who protects people and improves their lives.

This book was an ARC, courtesy of NetGalley.



Gabby is new to town. Her family has moved again because her older brother, Marco, is getting moved to another hospital. Marco has an illness with a very complicated name so Gabby just calls it the bad.

Aria is a guardian angel. She is sent to earth to take care of a person until true happiness returns to their life. Aria meets Gabby in a hospital and they become friends.

Both of them are new to town and they have some classes together in their new school. Gabby convinces Aria to try different after-school clubs and the only one Gabby likes is choir. They both audition and make it into the club.

All this time, Marco’s health is deteriorating. Gabby is losing her self-confidence and Aria is worried about her. Aria tries to help but when Marco gets seriously ill, there’s nothing she can do.

One day, Aria tells Gabby her secret: she is an angel. Instead of the surprised reaction Aria expected, Gabby gets mad at Aria. Gabby believes that since Aria is an angel, she should be able to heal Marco. Aria tries to explain to Gabby that it doesn’t work that way but Gabby refuses to listen.

Will Marco get better? Will Gabby and Aria remain friends?

If you would like to read this book, you can purchase it here: Everyday Angel #1: New Beginnings

June 2014 Recap

I enjoyed all of the books I read in June, but my faves were: Loot, I Am The Weapon, The Giver, and Invisibility.

Loot is an amazing thriller about the son and daughter of a notorious burglar, I Am The Weapon is about a young assassin, The Giver is about a dystopian community, and Invisibility is about two lovers, one of which has a curse that makes him invisible.

You can click on any of the book covers below to check out my review or to purchase the book.

Revenge Of The Flower Girls  The missing pieces of me  Invisibility  Threatened  Turning on a Dime  Loot  One Crazy Summer  The Giver  I Am The Weapon