Book Review: Rio- The Street Kid Stargazer by Craig S. Wilson

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Genre: Fiction

Age Recommended: 14 and up

This book is an advance copy, courtesy of the author himself (who found me on Twitter)!

This book was a great read and the characters were all very well developed. Moreover, the characters weren’t all the same general age, which allowed for different perspectives, even though the book was written in third person.



Lucas has just lost his older brother and his mother, both of whom were breadwinners for his family. Now, Lucas must rely on the scraps and money he can get with panhandling and pick-pocketing to feed his two younger sisters.

Lucas must make a choice- start working for a drug lord that offers a lot money, but can kill his family at any moment if he messes up, or panhandle and steal for the rest of his life, and not have any security in case of a crisis.

“Sometimes good people do bad things for a greater good.”

This is the motto that has kept Lucas going because his justification for stealing is that it will help his sisters- a greater good.

Wallets, watches, and wireless phones- every little bit helps.

But will that be enough?

If you would like to read this book, you can pre-order it here – it’ll be available May 5th: Rio: The Street Kid Stargazer





8 thoughts on “Book Review: Rio- The Street Kid Stargazer by Craig S. Wilson

  1. Thank-you Priyanka! Glad you liked my book. I will be sure to send you the sequel, “RIO — The Journeyman Drug Lord” later this summer! Final in the series will be “RIO — The Dealer of Destinies.” I must say, you consume books and absorb great details. You should write one sometime, although it takes infinite patience and a serious commitment of time to do so! Best wishes, Craig S. Wilson

    1. Mr. Wilson,
      Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your book and for your kind words as well. I can’t wait to read and review the sequels!

  2. Hi Priyanka:

    I’m connecting you with Christa Wojciechowski. I’m not sure whether we will take your review and put a key line or two on my website and link the rest to a sub-page or if we should just get a quote from you and use the link for the entire review.

    Christa–let’s be sure to also link the review back to Priyanka’s site so as we promote RIO extensively, a separate tab can open up when readers are curious about all the extensive book reviews she is generating. Priyanka–you are a one-person book club! 🙂

    Best wishes Craig

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