Rating : 4.3 out of 5 starsall-of-the-above

Age recommended : 7 and up

All of the Above is a great story about people who overcome their differences and come together to make an impact on the world. I think Shelly Pearsall has captured the idea of how everybody can make a difference, young or old. I mean, if you are old already,  🙂  you’ve probably done your share but our generation? We need to step up and make our mark on the world.

All of the kids  in the book hated math and maybe even their math teacher, but their hatred was what brought them together. From my view I think that these kids were very persuasive in their ways. Once they wanted something, they had to have it and to have it, they had to work together.

Shelly Pearsall conveys a very important message in this book. Sometimes if you want something, you might have to give something up in the process. All of the kids worked through their hatred and gave up time and money to break a world record. That is called dedication.