January and February Recap

My reviewing has been a bit slow recently and I’m sorry, but I have now made a goal to publish at least two book reviews a week. Also, my January reviewing list was quite poor so I’ve decided to do a January and February recap this time.

My favorites in these two months were definitely Wheels Of Change and Girl On A Wire. Below is the list of books that I have reviewed in January and February.

I was also really excited because Darlene Beck Jacobson, author of Girl On A Wire, sent me bookmarks and a signed bookplate as a gift for reviewing her book! For those of you who don’t know what a bookplate is, it is a sticker that says, “presented to ____ by Darlene Beck Jacobson” and then a personalized note at the bottom. This sticker is put on the very first page of a book which is the usually the blank one.

dgonzale_book cover_revised45 pounds, more or lessWhen You Reach MeWheels Of ChangeGirl On A WireNorth Of Beautiful


Hopefully, I can publish my Q & A of the Iliad soon!


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