January and February Recap

My reviewing has been a bit slow recently and I’m sorry, but I have now made a goal to publish at least two book reviews a week. Also, my January reviewing list was quite poor so I’ve decided to do a January and February recap this time. My favorites in these two months were definitely Wheels Of Change and Girl On A Wire. Below is the list of books that I have reviewed in January and February. I was also really excited because Darlene Beck Jacobson, author of Girl On A Wire, sent me bookmarks and a signed bookplate as a gift for reviewing … Continue reading January and February Recap

Book Review: Girl On A Wire by Gwenda Bond

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Genre: Fiction Age Recommended: 14 and up In this book, the author weaves a tale of fantasy that seems so realistic that it makes one believe in magic. This book is truly well-written. P.S. This was part of the recommended list of reads for ages 13 and over at http://www.aMightyGirl.com. ————————————————- Jules Maroni is a sixteen-year-old wire walker whose dream is to follow in her father’s footsteps. When Jules’ family gets offered a spot at the world’s most famous circus, Jules can’t wait to join them. However, the Garcias, a decade old rival of the Maroni … Continue reading Book Review: Girl On A Wire by Gwenda Bond