Book Review: The Dark Is Rising – Book Two of The Dark Is Rising series by Susan Cooper

Rating : 4.3 out of 5 stars

Age Recommended : 10 and upthe dark

I found this book way better than the first one in the series because it has a lot more detail. Susan Cooper has extraordinarily shown how people can be affected by little things. I also liked this book because it didn’t really leave any unraveled strings. Susan Cooper straight out told it as it was, and she didn’t leave any unsolved mysteries.

So, here is how it goes…

Will Stanton is a seventh child of a seventh child. During Midwinter’s Eve, Will discovers that he is the only child of the Stanton family that doesn’t have an ornament with his initial carved on it. He doesn’t think much about it then but later he realizes that the ornament could be something that could cause his destruction.

Will doesn’t know much but what he does know is that something or someone called the Black Rider is out to get him. People say he is special. They don’t call him Will, they call him… An Old One…


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