Book Review: Requiem by Lauren Oliver (Book 3)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Dystopian Fiction

Age Recommended: 15 and up

This was an awesome series and I can’t believe that I’ve never read it before. It was packed with action and emotion and had a unique story that ended differently from that of other dystopian fiction novels. I would definitely choose this series over trilogies like The Selection or Matched and highly recommend that everyone read it.

The government has begun its retaliation on the uncured. Walls are being erected all around major cities and dams are blocking the major sources of water that the rebels have. Armies are being mobilized to shoot down and bomb rebel encampments and nobody is safe anymore. The group Lena travels with is constantly on the run, but with little to no supplies, it seems like they won’t last long at all.

To make matters worse, Alex is back in Lena’s life, but convinced that she gave up on him and chose Julian, he is unwilling to talk to her or even look at her. Lena is trying to explain that she did whatever she could to stay alive, but consorting with the son of a former government official isn’t winning her anything among Invalids, much less with Alex. And Coral, a mysterious new recruit, seems to be the only one who can get close to Alex, but nobody knows where she came from or where her allegiance lies.

How will Lena cope with her constantly changing life?

If you would like to read this book, you can purchase it here: Requiem (Delirium Trilogy)

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