Book Review: The Channeler by Jenna Ryan (Book 1 of the Continuum Series)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Genre: Supernatural Fiction

Age Recommended: 13 and up

(This book was an Advanced Reader’s Copy courtesy of an author supporting specialist) Overall, it was very different from any book that I’d read recently and I enjoyed the change that it brought, especially with regard to the fact that the supernatural beings weren’t stereotypical at all. That being said, the book was a little repetitive and also raised many questions that it didn’t end up answering, which made the major events of the book seem very coincidence-driven.

Caleb Swift has the ability to see the future. But not in the way that you’re thinking. He has no control over who his visions are about or how far in the future the visions are; all Caleb knows is that his mind shows him terrible things that could potentially happen.

Caleb has dealt with these visions most of his life, but lately they’ve been getting worse and worse, incapacitating him for hours at a time. What’s even more unusual is that Caleb’s visions have begun to show him one specific girl, over and over again. He sees her covered in blood, frozen in a silent scream; the same blond hair and blue eyes every time.

When Caleb sees the same girl sitting at a table in his Chemistry class, he has no idea what he’s supposed to do. Does he tell her that she’s going to die? Does he explain that he knows how it’s going to happen? Does he tell her that he’s seen it in his mind?

Before Caleb can ponder these questions for too long, something happens that makes the decision for him. But what he doesn’t expect is being connected to this girl in more ways than one.

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