Book Review: United As One by Pittacus Lore (Book 7 of Lorien Legacies)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Fiction

Age Recommended: 14 and up

It’s finally over. It’s been such a roller coaster ride reading this series, and while I can’t say that I’m entirely satisfied with the ending, it definitely was a relief to finally read some sort of conclusion. The book itself was pretty awesome and action-packed, even more so than the one before it, if that’s even possible. It was definitely worth following through with this series.

The Garde are preparing for the final battle. Setrákus Ra is not yet recovered from the near-fatal wound to his chest, which gives the original Garde time to train the humans who have gained Legacies from the power of Lorien. The problem is that not everyone is certain that this is a fight that can be won.

Countries around the world are reacting differently to Setrákus Ra’s order for surrender. Russia is corralling up its Garde and turning them in while China is preparing its atomic base. Without countries on the same page, John must rely only on the American government’s support to fight Setrákus Ra, the same government that has sided with the Mogadorians only a few weeks ago.

Furthermore, the Garde are holding Five in a cell after he betrayed them for Setrákus Ra and the team has no idea whether they can trust him. There are also Mogadorians who claim that they have turned their back on Setrákus Ra, but their violent innate nature makes them seem untrustworthy to people. The team is in disarray and nobody is certain who is on their side.

Can John trust his team in his greatest time of need?

If you would like to read this book, you can purchase it here: United as One (Lorien Legacies)

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