Throwback Tuesday: The Ascendant by Drew Chapman

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Age Recommended: 15 and up

Hello again! Sorry for the lack of posts last week- I had my last week of school for the year and was super busy with tests and projects. But fear not, I am back, and with another Throwback Tuesday!!

When most avid readers are asked to choose their favorite book, they refuse to make a decision, likening it to choosing a favorite child (although we all know there is one).

What amazes me, is that even though I read this book four (!!) years ago as an ARC, it remains to this day my favorite book. The style of writing is amazing and the concept of this book is simply so unique that I can read it over and over again without getting bored.

China has declared war.

Garrett Reilly is sure of it. The underhanded sale of stocks right before the stock market plummeted, the hacking of Google; all signs point to the beginning of a secret war against the U.S.

His ability to recognize patterns in large amounts of data makes Garrett Reilly invaluable to U.S. military officials, who want to recruit him to help them fight the war against China. The only issue? Garrett hates the American military- with a passion.

Ever since Garrett’s brother was killed in the military, Garrett has wanted nothing to do with them. The military then hatches a cunning plan to get Garret to help them. They’ll lose the war if he figures it out and leaves them.

Meanwhile, China has got problems of its own. People in China are stirring up a rebellion, bigger than anyone could possibly imagine. The person leading them? The Tiger, an anonymous figure who embodies the Chinese public’s dissatisfaction with their government- which is running in circles trying to figure out who this Tiger is, while also fending off U.S. retaliation.

What happens now?


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