Book Review: Gabriel Finley and The Raven’s Riddle by George Hagen; Illustrated by Scott Bakal

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Fiction

Age Recommended: 12 and up

This book is well-written and has an amazing concept with raven and human body-switching.

This book is an ARC, courtesy of NetGalley. It will be published on October 28, 2014.

Gabriel Finley and The Raven's Riddle


Gabriel Finley lives with his aunt.   His mother died and his father disappeared a while ago. Gabriel finds out that long ago, people and ravens were best friends. They could talk to each other, and when they found the raven or the human who had the closest connection to themselves, they could switch bodies.

Gabriel Finley found out that his uncle, Corax, was a half raven, half  human mutation and that he was a ruthless demon who spared nobody. You see, long ago, one day someone offered a raven eternal life. The raven asked what he had to do, and the person just said to eat the flesh of your elder.

A raven did that and he became a Valraven – an invincible demon. Valravens were always hunting down ravens to kill them. The only way to tell a valraven from a raven was by asking them a riddle. If one answered a riddle correctly, the ravens would burst out in laughter but valravens would just find it stupid. For this reason, whenever ravens are confronted by another raven, they ask them a riddle.

There was also the powerful Torc. The Torc was a necklace of great power that would grant any wish. The ravens were in possession of it but the valravens wanted it for their master Corax. It brought immense power and malevolence to those who unworthily wielded it.

Gabriel now finds out that he is the type of person who has the power to join a raven’s body. He finds his raven partner with whom he can do that. Gabriel also finds out that his father is being held captive by Corax and that the only way to free his father is by finding the Torc.

Gabriel sets out on a mission with some of his friends to stop the evil.

Will Gabriel find the Torc? Will he save his dad? Will he be able to stop Corax?

If you would like to read this book, you can pre-order it here: Gabriel Finley and the Raven’s Riddle


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