Book Review: Copper Magic by Julia Mary Gibson

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Fantasy

Age Recommended: 11 and up

Copper Magic was a good book with amazing characters. It appealed to me because one of the main characters was a photographer and I really like photography. This book has very few characters but the author spends a lot of time developing them.

P.S.: This book was an ARC courtesy of NetGalley.



Violet is a girl who lives in a cottage with her father. She finds a copper hand by a riverbank and as soon as she touches it, it takes her to another time. Violet realizes that this copper hand is magical and if anyone needs magic right now, it’s her. Her mother and baby brother have left her and she lives alone with her father who is always grouchy.

Violet then gets a job with a photographer, Ms. Nadia. Her clients are very demanding and Violet stays quite busy. One day, her friend’s brother finds a skeleton where Violet found the copper hand. Violet has flashbacks of the skeleton and the hand being connected and she learns that they should not be disturbed.

Violet’s friend’s brother then steals the hand from Violet and puts it in a glass case for everyone to see. Violet must find a way to get it back because one of Ms. Nadia’s client, an old American- Indian lady, says that if the grave is disturbed for too long, then the people of the land will be cursed. Bad things start to happen and Violet needs to get the hand back before too much damage is done.

Will Violet be able save the people by restoring peace to the possessor of the copper hand?

This book will be released on July 1st, but you can pre-order it here:  Copper Magic



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