Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Age Recommended: 7 and up


Number The Stars was a very kid-friendly book that explained how life was during the Holocaust. The book was really inspirational in terms of the main character’s bravery. It helped me understand how hard life was for Jews back then and how they coped with that.

Lois Lowry has written a Holocaust book in a completely different way. Most books about the Holocaust are written or translated as diaries, and I have read very few books like this one.

Annemarie is a very brave ten-year old and she has many friends who are Jews, including her best friend Ellen. When Ellen’s parents leave her at Annemarie’s house, she can’t help but wonder why.

In this book, Lois Lowry takes you through a journey like no other. How it feels to come out of your house and see soldiers at the corner… or how it feels to have a coffin in your house when nobody has really died. This book will make you realize how fortunate you are…