Book Review: Sphinx’s Queen by Esther Friesner

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Genre: Historical Fiction

Age Recommended: 13 and up (7th grade+)

Sphinx’s Queen was an amazing sequel to Sphinx’s Princess. The fast-paced book enthralled me and had me reading under my desk in class. (shhhh!)

Sphinx's Queen


A new plot has risen.

Nefertiti has found out that her aunt wishes her to marry Thutmose, the Pharaoh’s son. Thutmose’s first impression on Nefertiti is bad and Nefertiti now realizes how evil Queen Tiye and her son are.

Nefertiti is only getting accustomed to life in the royal palace when she is accused of murdering Thumatose’s dearest pet, a cat. Even worse, this cat is supposed to be a daughter of a sacred Egyptian goddess.

Nefertiti learns that Thutmose means to bribe the priest in the sacred temple to announce that she is guilty. This means that Nefertiti must flee the kingdom to avoid persecution.

Along the way, she gets help from Thumatose’s younger brother, Amenophis, and her old friend, Nava. Amenophis and Nefertiti soon fall in love but they must push their feelings aside until they are far away from the kingdom.

While the threesome are on their journey, Amenophis gets bitten by a deadly scorpion and they almost get captured by Thutmose’s men.

Will they survive?

If you’re intrigued by this book, you can buy it here: Sphinx’s Queen (Princesses of Myth)


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