Hidden Magic by K.D. Faerydae

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Age Recommended: 10 and up


Hidden Magic is a rather gory and violent book. There are also some parts of the book that are weird. I don’t get the entire idea of human-like creatures turning into animals. The book is well written but the author could have provided more detail on Liberty, which is the setting of this story.

This book is an Advance Reader Copy, courtesy of NetGalley.

Grace is an ordinary girl about to experience the extraordinary. She sees orange eyes, hears talking animals and still manages to trick her brain into thinking that they are a dream.

Zavier, Aaron, and a few others are magical creatures that live in a beautiful land called Liberty. Liberty is a place full of wonders, talking animals, and magical leaders. All except for… the Nomeds.

The Nomeds are a clan of vicious magical creatures that are intent on destroying the human world. They will do anything to rule Liberty.

Zavier, Aaron, and Francis, a leader of the wild are trying to save all of the magical creatures from the attacks of the Nomeds, but they can only do so much. They go on a quest to recruit all of the Leaders of the Wild. When all of the creatures come together, the Nomeds attack, and this time, Zavier is injured.

What the magical creatures need to help them is a human child. Aaron and a couple of others venture into the human world to get Grace to help them. Her friend, Christian comes too, but when they reach Liberty, they are in for a surprise.


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