Throwback Tuesday: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Genre: Dystopian Fiction

Age Recommended: 14 and up

I just reread this book a few days ago and absolutely HAD to post it for my next throwback! I’d forgotten how amazing the plot was and how captivating the characters were. I would also highly recommend watching the movie for this book because I think that a lot of it is actually very accurate with regards to the book.

“Faction before blood.”

Beatrice has never belonged. Too selfish for her faction: Abnegation, the selfless. When the Choosing Ceremony comes along, Beatrice isn’t sure what to do.

Should she stay in Abnegation, where she never belonged? Or should she go to some other faction where she has a chance to make a fresh start?

On Choosing day, when Beatrice goes in for her test, she gets tagged as a Divergent, which means that she had the capability to live in multiple factions. No one must ever know this and if they do find out, Beatrice will be killed by a woman named Jeanine who is desperate to kill all Divergents.

At the Choosing Ceremony, Beatrice chooses to live the rest of her life in the faction called Dauntless: for the brave. The initiation goes well, and soon Beatrice has created a new identity for herself, Tris.

Tris is one of the leaders of her group of initiates and passes the stages of her training with abnormally high scores. However, Tris soon realizes that being at the top of her class means that Jeanine is more likely to find her and figure out that she is a Divergent.

Tris figures out that Jeanine has concocted a plan to overthrow the government, led by the Abnegation. By the time this discovery is made, the plan is set into action, and there might be one faction less.

Will Tris be able to stop the evil?


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