Book Review: Hush by Stacy R. Campbell

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Genre: Fiction Age Recommended: 13 and up I liked this book a little more than Whisper, the sequel, because Whisper was a ghost story and I am, in fact, a scaredy-cat. This book was also an ARC, courtesy of NetGalley. ————————————————— Blakely Henry is a country girl. She attends Lakeview school and when she finds British student, Max, staring at her, she doesn’t know why. Max Ryder has come all of this way for a history assignment. Max had stumbled upon something big a while ago and he has flown halfway around the world … Continue reading Book Review: Hush by Stacy R. Campbell

Book Review: Whisper by Stacey R. Campbell (ARC)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars Age Recommended: 15 and up Note: This was an Advance Reader Copy, courtesy of NetGalley. There are parts of Whisper that aren’t entirely appropriate for someone my age (12) and I felt that the author uses unnecessary cuss words just to make the book seem “cool.” That said, the story-line is great and the theme of the book really kept me interested. The way that Stacey R. Campbell describes Elsie’s ghost is amazing. Halle has discovered a journal in the attic. It turns out to belong to Elsie, the dead daughter of the founder … Continue reading Book Review: Whisper by Stacey R. Campbell (ARC)

Books I’ve read in 2014!

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