June 2014 Recap

I enjoyed all of the books I read in June, but my faves were: Loot, I Am The Weapon, The Giver, and Invisibility. Loot is an amazing thriller about the son and daughter of a notorious burglar, I Am The Weapon is about a young assassin, The Giver is about a dystopian community, and Invisibility is about two lovers, one of which has a curse that makes him invisible. You can click on any of the book covers below to check out my review or to purchase the book.                  Continue reading June 2014 Recap

Book Review: Turning On A Dime by Maggie Dana

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy Age Recommended: 12 and up A great book about a magic dime that transports the holder to another time. Well-written and characters are well-developed but the ending is very abrupt. ——————————————————————— Samantha is a girl in modern time. She lives in the era of the iPhone and iTunes. Her world is turned upside down when she finds a dime that transports her to another era. There, she meets Caroline. Caroline is a girl who lives in the South during the Civil War era. She has her own set of problems like being … Continue reading Book Review: Turning On A Dime by Maggie Dana