My 2015 Reading Challenge: The Halfway Mark

So it’s been exactly six months since I’ve announced my 2015 Reading Challenge, so today, I decided to post an update on how it’s going. In addition, my parents are no longer participating in this challenge 😦 but I would still like recommendations for books in the categories that I have not read yet. As of now, I have finished 12/30 books in my 2015 Reading Challenge. However, school’s out now so hopefully I will be able to write more reviews!   A book that makes you cry- The Fault In Our Stars by John Green and Maybe One Day … Continue reading My 2015 Reading Challenge: The Halfway Mark

Book Review: Finally by Wendy Mass

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars Genre: Realistic Fiction Age Recommended: 12 and up This book was hilarious and most everything in this book was something I could relate to. ———————————————- Rory Swenson has been waiting for forever to turn twelve! Whenever she has asked for something, her parents have said: “when you’re twelve”. And now she is! Rory’s list of things includes: getting a phone, getting her ears pierced, getting contacts, getting a pet, and many other trivial things. Also, a movie is being shot at her school! Rory and her best friends are trying out as extras and … Continue reading Book Review: Finally by Wendy Mass